NoteCaddy + HM3 + GGPoker hand histories
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    Question NoteCaddy + HM3 + GGPoker hand histories

    i import anonymous GGPoker hand histories into HM3. when i replay a hand with EDGE-CASH-HUD-profile selected, it crushes. its a problem with the badges. error message is sth like "invalid response from note caddy"

    is it a problem with my system? or is NoteCaddy + HM3 + EDGE-CASH-HUD + GGPoker hand histories simply not supported?

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    It should work as expected even with the anonymous GGPoker hand histories.

    The only impact it should have is the expected low hands sample for every player. But still good to trace out player tendencies.

    If you are getting a crash or errors please submit a support ticket.

    In that, send a batch of those HHs for us to try and replicate the issue you are getting and try to be as specific as possible in the steps to replicate. Attach a screenshot if necessary.

    Also attach to that ticket the log files after closing HM3. You can find the log files here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Max Value Software\Holdem Manager\3.0\Logs - leave the archive folder out, zip the files and attach to ticket.

    With that in hand we can investigate further what is up.

    Best wishes,


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