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    Default Iggy hand grabber

    Do you need to have the Iggy hand grabber if all you are doing is importing hands after 24 hours?

    Or is the hand grabber only for use of real time hands + hud?

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    The Ignition Hand Grabber (IHG) app is only needed if you want to see a HUD on live play tables and to be able to review your hands during or immediately after the session. You do not need the IHG if you only want to download and manually import the hands 24+ hours later.

    If you use the IHG and also want to manually download and import the hands later to have access to every player's hole cards, you have to toggle on the allow reimport setting before you manually import the downloaded hands.

    You have to make sure you toggle on the HM3 - Tools - Settings - Import - [x] 'Allow reimport of hand histories' then import the downloaded files using the HM3 - File - Import Folder/Files options as explained in this section of our Ignition Setup Guide. See the linked images below:

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