(Stable Release - Apr 11, 2022) is now available!

Latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website.

Full release notes available here.

  • Filter for elimination (bust-out) hands will now correctly be detected when opening filter editor if already applied

  • Added option to overwrite or attach when importing player notes
  • Resolved an issue where unsupported tournaments would cause an error when trying to run tournament detection
  • When importing player notes, they will be immediately available without having to restart

Hand Viewer
  • Resolved an issue where some hand strengths displayed numeric value next to the description

  • Improved stability of the HUD
  • Resolved an error that could occur when hand history imported after closing a table already
  • Resolved error that could occur related to displaying tool tips

  • Resolved an issue where HM3 would navigate to opponents view when refreshing a report after viewing opponents section
  • Single Opponent Analysis view - Resolved an issue with Line Analysis Raise size filtering not being accurate

Poker Sites
  • GGPoker - Added tag detection for satellite tournaments
  • GGPoker - Improved detection for Spin &Gold games
  • GGPoker - Resolved an issue with Net Won for some hands
  • Ipoker - Resolved an issue with Run It Twice hand histories
  • PartyPoker - Improved detection for 7-max MTTs
  • PartyPoker - Resolved an issue with uncalled bets incorrectly affecting net won and rake amounts
  • PokerStars - Added support for new Fify50 buy-in amounts
  • Winamax - Added GoFast HUD support
  • WPN - Added support for importing player names with parentheses in their name
  • WPN - Added tag detection for lottery tournaments
  • WPN - Resolved an issue with importing some hands
  • WPN - Resolved an issue with incorrect net won in hands with returned bets

  • Improved and resolved issues with stakes ordering in hands grid
  • Resolved an issue with reports where list of hands updated twice when changing Last X hands filter

  • Restrict Position and Position (FR) from available stats as these are only used for reports groupings
  • Updated stack size stats descriptions to more accurately reflect the stack size ranges
  • Updated stats descriptions in Vs Player report

  • Resolved an issue where ICM adjusted winnings were not being calculated