NC.Deff.txt not ".stat"
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    Default NC.Deff.txt not ".stat"

    В чем может быть причина почему не все дефиниции погрузились?
    Часть дефиниций ХМ3 опознает как .text а не .stat?
    Как видно со скриншота я хотел вручную вставить дефиниции как статы в попап но ХМ3 видит их как . text

    What could be the reason why not all definitions are loaded?
    Does XM3 recognize part of the definitions as ".text" and not ".stat"?
    As you can see from the screenshot, I wanted to manually insert the definitions as stats in the popup, but XM3 sees them as ".text"

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    That looks like corruption while importing.

    Try reimporting the definitons again. The .text will only display that red line of text we saw before.

    Check in the Notecaddy/definitions folder if those specific definitions are there. If not,
    Import those specifically and track down in the Notecaddy/definitions folder while importing if they are going there.

    Is this a package of definitions you bought? What is the name of it if so?

    Best wishes,


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