NC stats not showing on party poker hands
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    Default NC stats not showing on party poker hands


    I imported some student hands and when I open replayer with party poker hands, Hem3 opens "Issue Resolution Assistant" and wants to send error report". I close that window and replayer is there but notecaddy stats are not showing (default HEM3 stats are fine). Not sure what might be the problem.

    NC version is 2.9.9034.0 .. not sure is there newer one and how to update.

    Thank you

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    Using HM3/NC on Partypoker HHs should not be a problem for reviewing purposes.

    Make sure to process the hands for note creation until the end and you should get the notes on replayer after finishing the notes processing.
    Try restarting HM3 after finishing reset/create notes, let me know if it still triggers the error.

    The most recent version of NC is v.2.9.9034.0.

    I was just now recreating notes on a small partypoker DB and did not have any issue. This can isolate to something else that is not only the PP HHs.
    Do you have any other batch of PartyPoker hands you can test?

    Open a support ticket and attach to it a few of those hands for me to try and replicate that issue on my end, as well as the log files after getting the error and closing HM3. Only after trying to replicate with your exact conditions we will know more.

    Best wishes,


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