(Stable Release - Mar 11, 2022) is now available!

Latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website.

Full release notes available here.

  • Improved FacingAllInBet filter to include hands with multiple raises
  • Improved performance of graph loading, also improves reports and other queries performance
  • Improved loading of hands performance at startup or when switching databases and players
  • Resolved an issue with HandDateTime filters not applying correctly in the reports when not using Start of the day option
  • Resolved an issue where graph would not be filtered correctly when combining PokerSiteType with other filters
  • Added MaxHands filter. This filter replaces old LastHands filter and will limit the results to X hands. For example DidVPIP and MaxHands=1000 will show you 1000 hands where you VPIP.
  • Changed existing LastHands filter to only display hands from last X hands instead of always displaying X hands. For example, filtering for DidVPIP and Last Hands=1000 will now show you hands where you VPIP from last 1000 hands.
  • Filter Bar - Resolved an issue with saving filters in reports with pre-applied filters (e.g. Holdem Hole Cards report)
  • Resolved an issue where report filter would incorrectly get also applied to the graph report

  • Added a warning if initialization of the import system fails
  • Improved performance of Sessions report. This improves performance for all reports and HUD stats
  • Improved startup performance for slower hard drives
  • Improved stats and reports performance when date filter is not included
  • Resolved an issue with reports and HUD for players that included single quote in their names
  • Resolved an issue where HM3 would immediately close on startup for some users when updating from older builds
  • Allow decimals to be entered in rakeback settings
  • Changed Quit hotkey from Ctrl-X to Ctrl-Q
  • Improved startup process and messaging to user in case of an issue
  • Prevent error report prompt from appearing twice when shutting down HM3 in case error was found

Graphical HUD
  • 888 Poker - Added support for updated client
  • PokerStars - Added support for tournaments that dont include Holdem/Omaha in the name

  • Resolved an issue where HUD session stats would not work correctly depending on user and poker site timezone and time
  • Resolved an issue with table session stats in replayer
  • Resolved an issue where settings were unintentionally being loaded from alternate config file
  • PokerStars - Added support for 7-max table layouts

  • Allow import of files without extension with added "All" option in Import Files... dialog

Live Play
  • Resolved an issue where Last 100 Hands option was not correctly displaying most recent hands when more than 100 hands were played in a session

  • Added a status bar message when disabling applications
  • Resolved an issue that could cause HM3 to temporarily stop responding while third party app was being disabled
  • Allow hmql_query to query gametype table
  • Allow query_htmlt to query aliases table
  • Improved query_players performance

  • Single Opponent Analysis - Updated label for bb/100 stat and resolved an issue where value was not displaying correctly

Poker Sites
  • Added WePokerPlus and SupremaPoker support
  • 888Poker - Added support for updated hand histories with different mucked cards format
  • 888Poker - Import error with multiple very short stacks
  • EliteHUD - Import PokerMaster hand histories with player names that include suffix under correct poker site (e.g. _pbr for PokerBros)
  • GGPoker - Improved GG Masters Bounty tournament detection
  • GGPoker - Resolved an issue with importing tournament summaries
  • GGPoker - Improved table size detection for 8-max tournaments
  • GGPoker - Resolved an issue with invalid stakes error
  • Horizon Poker - Renamed from Revolution Poker
  • Ipoker - Added Veikkaus Poker (EET/EEST) timezone support
  • Ipoker - Resolved an issue with blind size detection for hands where big blind was all-in
  • Ipoker - Resolved an issue with incorrect blind sizes being reported for blinds above 1000 in some cases
  • Ipoker - Added support for table size detection from hand histories
  • Ipoker - Improved blind size detection when thousands separator is used
  • Ipoker - Resolved hand viewer issue with all-in call hands
  • Partypoker - Improved detection for 7-max MTTs
  • Partypoker - Resolved an issue with blind size detection for hands where big blind was all-in
  • PartyPoker - Added tournament number detection when importing BetMGM spin tournaments
  • PartyPoker - Added Fee detection for Qualifier/Satellite tournaments (BetMGMPokerMI)
  • PartyPoker - Resolved an issue for hands with dead blinds and unreturned bets
  • PartyPoker - Resolved import issues with over bet hand histories
  • PokerStars - Improved prize and rebuy detection for progressive knockout bounty MTTs
  • PokerStars - Improved detection for 9-max STTs
  • PokerStars - Improved reliability of hand observing system
  • PokerStars - Resolved an issue with tournament detection for cases where involved players had Zoom as part of their names
  • PokerStars - Improved buy-in detection for progressive bounty tournaments
  • PokerStars - Added prize detection for undetected satellite tournament
  • Winamax - Added support for tournament table changes in the new client
  • Winamax - Improved equity calculations for hold-up hands
  • WPN - Added import support for purchasing all-in equity option

  • Resolved an issue with high DPI monitors that was causing HUD to be offset in replayer
  • Resolved an issue where hotkeys would stop working when switching between hands

  • Added stat descriptions on mouse over for Vs Player report
  • Sorting by stakes in hands grid will now sort by blind size
  • Copy with stats option for hand histories will now include stat labels
  • Resolved an issue where reports would show 1 hand sessions in some situations
  • Small tweaks to Hole Cards Grid layout to improve text visibility for different languages

  • Resolved an issue with VPIP Raised/Limped Pot 1 to 3 bb stack stat, where it was incorrectly filtered to only SB position