Opportunity / Effective Stack Bug
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    Default Opportunity / Effective Stack Bug

    I found a bug where bets that exceed the effective stacks of the involved players are counted as an opportunity.

    For example.

    Player A enters the river with 60bb effective
    Player B enters the river with 120bb effective
    Pot size on the river is 90bb
    Player B bets 120bb

    My definition says to count a bet as an opportunity if the bet exceeds 80% of the pot.

    In reality the bet size is 66.67% (60bb) of the pot since effective stacks are 60bb, but Notecaddy is counting this as an opportunity since player B bet 133% pot. I play on ACR in case the hand history format matters.
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    Thank you for your input. It as very specific.

    In order for us to replicate this behaviour and forward for a fix please open a support ticket with an example Hand History for this issue, together with the definitions.

    Send us both definitions, the one +80% and the one -80%, to test. Make reference to this thread in it so we can work on this as soon as possible.

    Best wishes,


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    Ticket created yesterday

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