XM3 does not import some hands from Pokerking (WPN).
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    Angry XM3 does not import some hands from Pokerking (WPN).


    XM3 does not import some hands from Pokerking (WPN).

    A long time ago, an option was introduced in poker where you can show ONE card by winning or losing the hand without a showdown. In such a situation, XM3 loses this hand.

    When will you solve this problem? I'm guessing this is the reason I have such a strong 40,000 hands gap in results between the box office and HM3, which was 18 buy-ins. What's the point of your software then?

    Hope you fix it and update soon.


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    Please update to our latest beta version of HM3 from this link.

    Please try all the steps in this FAQ. If you continue to have problems please zip and email the problem original hand histories and tournament summaries to us as instructed with a link to this thread and your forum name. Make sure you also include screenshots of your reports/filters and a detailed description by tournament number, session, hole cards, filter, stat, etc. of some of the errors we need to test.

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    Nothing helps.

    I described this problem in the Russian branch of Discord and it has already been signed by 7 people.

    Here is a link to the post:

    I created a RU ticket about this bug. Here is his number:
    Ticket #731928

    I hope for a bug fix as soon as possible, as there is no point in using your software. And we have already paid the money. Sad.

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