How to track Kick-Off results?
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    Default How to track Kick-Off results?

    I realize that Kick-off tournaments (Pstars) are not appropriately tracked due to HM not knowing which sprints were entered with a tournament ticket and which ones were entered with an actual money fee and just assuming each sprint was entered with money fee.
    Is there a way how this can be fixed in Holdem manager to track them correctly?
    If not, is there a known work around that is utilized by the community for tracking Kick-off results? Perhaps by somehow manually tracking things in Holdem manager without having to spend an eternity in doing that? Or perhaps asking info directly from Pokerstars and using this to track stats manually in HM?
    I would like to somehow determine at least my ROI, Overall winnings after all fees and Hourly when playing these if possible, with minimum hassle and manual effort.


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    Unfortunately you will need to manually edit the results via the Reports - Tournaments - Tournaments - right-click a tournament in the upper half the report grid - Edit - Tournament Editor, then edit as needed and click 'OK' to save the edits.

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    Default My way of tracking results

    You can ask pokerstars chat to send you a report of how much money you have spent on Kick off toureys using your own money not ticket entries. From this you can calculate your roi and other metrics using holdem manager.
    Hopefully this helps those that are grinding Kick offs...

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