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    Default Party Poker HH and tournament summaries

    Does anyone keep a record of Party Poker wins/losses and HH on HM3? I know you can export HH from Party Poker on the website and then download them to your PC and from there import them into HM3 and keep a record of all the HH no problem. But there's no way of getting tournament summaries unless you write it down during the tournament and then put the details in afterwards (profits, entrants, finishing position etc). Does anyone do this? It does seem like a hassle to do it after every session, but not really that difficult. Thanks!

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    Unfortunately Party does not write tournament summary files for any of their sites/skins. HM3 should generally be able to detect the results for Single Table Tournaments but you will have to manually edit the results for MTT games in most cases. You can edit the results via the Reports - Tournaments - Tournaments - right-click a tournament in the upper half the report grid - Edit - Tournament Editor, then edit as needed and click 'OK' to save the edits.

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