Creating stat for folding vs various bet sizes
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    Default Creating stat for folding vs various bet sizes

    I know notecaddy has stats for betting % of various bet sizes. I have been trying to create one on for folding vs various bet sizes but I haven't had any luck. I'm sure some of you who are better at creating notes would know better than I. version 2.9 through HM3 if need to know.

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    I usually use the definitions of player calls % size to figure out the value of % he folds. If villain only calls 1/10 times with nutted hands to overbet on river i know he folds 90% in that specific spot.

    The closest I found to a definition of folds vs % size is a badge/definition of Fvs50%Cb and Fvs33%Cb. That activates a badge if villain fold more than he should to that bet.

    Best option for you to clearly see this and learn how to do your own is having a look at these 2 definitions from the NCE-MTT package:


    Compare the differences in the action sequences tab and apply the same concept to the definitions you are trying to build. You are just looking for the definition, no need to create badges.

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