How can I add the Notecaddy Heatmaps and Scatters to the Popups in HM3
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    Default How can I add the Notecaddy Heatmaps and Scatters to the Popups in HM3

    In HM2 there was under "Hud Settings" the Tab called "Notecaddy Popups".
    There I could add Notecaddy Notes like Heatmaps and Caddy Scatter right under the Popup.

    Where can I find this in HM3?

    Thanks so much for your help Andreas2021-12-31 11_12_03-HUD Settings.png

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    Have a look at this video:

    Its from an updated HM3/NC tutorial videos list.

    Its 4 mins. long. I would suggest watching it all, but if you are impatient skip the first couple mins. for the specific example you are asking for.

    The NC.stats lists as in your picture are usually in the HUD editor. On any given HUD, if you click the (+) sign, then "add statistic". It pops up the directory of avaliable stats.

    Let me know if this helps or if there are any other doubts.

    Best wishes,


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