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    I constantly get 'no players were found' popups, don't know what that means. Also, depending on which player/alias is selected in HEM, it affects range wizard; either I don't get any data or by changing active player in HEM I might get data.

    Second, when observing ranges in range wizard 'hole cards' view, ranges are different compared to ranges in holdem manager 'holde card grid' view. Hole cards count is also lower than hand count in HEM.

    Just seems to be broken.

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    Please 'Contact Support' with a link to this thread and your forum username and ask if we can give you a Leak Explorer beta license to see if that solves these issues for you.

    If you would also like to participate in our private feedback group for the new Leak Explorer software on Slack you will need to install the Slack program from here - - and create a free account then and let us know your email address you used with Slack in that support ticket so we can then invite you to the group.

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