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    Quote Originally Posted by jahrumble View Post

    To Shaymalus:

    The picture you posted looks like Free Licence of Notecaddy is running on the background already.

    Unless you have already a subscription to HM3/NC, there is nothing wrong in that picture.
    Ahh, I think you pinpointed the problem! Only the free version is activated right now?

    I do have a NC licence, which I purchased in April.

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    Hello again,

    To shaymalus: It does indeed seem like only the free licence is active.

    Since you have an active licence that should not be the case.

    In order to try and fix this follow these steps on by one:

    Close HM3 and "holdem manager server" in right bottom of screen. - Very important to close both before moving the Notecaddy folder.
    Go to: C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Max Value Software\Holdem Manager\3.0\Apps AND Appsdata - MOVE not copy both the Notecaddy folder to your desktop to act as backup.
    Restart HM3 and allow some time to download and install Notecaddy again.

    This should make Notecaddy reinstall and register again.

    Let me know if this worked.

    Best wishes,


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    I apologize for the English, I am writing with the help of a translator.

    As already wrote, the problem with the stats notecaddy, the values of the stats are displayed on the same players. I tried to delete the definitions and write them again, the stats began to display correctly, but the next day everything repeated and the stats became the same again.

    Tried checking the setting ”Number of Preflop Bets” with notecaddy stats, this setting doesn't work for me.

    Nobody replied to the ticket that was created by the problem last time through the HM3 client, perhaps these messages do not reach the support.

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    Hello, SS-24!

    Rest assured, I have recieved your ticket and managed to replicate your issue with those definitions you sent.

    I have since then forwarded the issue to the developers for a fix. I will answer you on the ticket as soon as I have information or a fix for you.

    Hope to talk to you soon.

    Best wishes,


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