HUD Editor. Color ranges and values are empty
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    Default HUD Editor. Color ranges and values are empty

    I am changing my HUD profile and adding some new values. Here's the issue, when I add any statistic (3 Bet IP for instance), color ranges and values are empty. I would like to get those values as they are when I first choose any profile and do not removed or added anything.

    Is there a way to add those statistic with their respective color ranges and values or can I get those values from somewhere??

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you add a new stat to your HUD Profile you have to create your own Color Range for the new stat you added. 3Bet IP is in the HM3 Advanced HUD Profile if you want to use the same color ranges that our team selected for that stat (see image below) or you can create your own Color Range based on your own knowledge or database (i.e. review winners/losers in the Opponents List).


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    Thanks fozzy71!

    Just got 3 left I could not find their range values. I am quite new with HM and do not have a huge database to set those values. The stats I am looking for are:

    - Defend vs Raiser
    - Flop Raise Cbet IP
    - Flop Raise Cbet OOP

    Any help would be aprecciated!!

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    What range values are you trying to find? There are no default ones. Ranges vary depending on the game type and stakes.

    Strategy forums are the best source for these things. Check for your game type and stake range.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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