Hi, I have been from 5 years of PT4 and I found myself blown away with a few stat that I can't find:

1) Raise Flop float Bet --> Percentage of the time that a player as preflop aggressor raised when another player bet in position after the preflop aggressor had a chance to continuation bet but did not do so in a singly raised pot --> which in HM3?

2) Cbet Flop IP or OOP in SRP vs1 player --> i found the statistics Flop Cbet single RSD pot vs 1 opponent but i cant find/select to be IP or OOP ( very important in Omaha)
3) Fold to CBet in SRP vs 1 player--> Same thing as above, perhaps here is missing the fact of not being able to select only 1 player on the flop

4) Raise Cbet FLOP OOP SRP --> i cant find the right stat because i see Flop raise Cbet OOP & Flop raise CB SRP but on the first i dont know if is even for 3bet pot and on the second i cant select just OOP

5) Fold to Turn Probe SRP --> basically when u skip CBET IP and fold to turn bet
6) Fold to River Probe SRP --> basically when u skip CBET IP on Turn and fold to River bet