HUD don't show up when observing cash rooms (PokerStars)
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    Default HUD don't show up when observing cash rooms (PokerStars)


    I would like to look at a table with the HUD before entering it.
    I am using Trial version, day 2.
    I was initially able to see normally, but now it stopped and I don't know why.
    In HUD EDITOR I put other HUDs and selected other Profiles in HUD OPTIONS.
    I searched a lot for the theme but I didn't find anything specific.

    I'm sending some screenshots that I believe are important.



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    They only allow us to collect a limited number of observed hands per session. If you want to see the observed HUD you have to toggle on the HM3 - Tools - Site Settings... - PokerStars - Optional Settings - [x] 'Capture observed hands' option like I do as shown in the attached image from my Optional Settings menu.



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