HM3 is unusable, keeps spamming a notification
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    Default HM3 is unusable, keeps spamming a notification

    So I haven't used HM3 for a while, i'm going to Format my hard drive and wanted to back-up my database before that. But it seems impossible, because when I open HM3 I get spammed non-stop with that notification:

    Any idea how could I fix this so I can backup my database?

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    That is because your annual Support & Maintenance (S/M) plan expired recently. To use the new version of HM3, with your actual license instead of the 'Free' license, you will have to login to your account on our site and renew/pay for your annual S/M plan -

    Otherwise, revert back to the version you were using before.

    We use Microsoft *.msi install/update files. To update to a new version you also need the msi file for the currently installed version in the same downloads folder on your computer.
    - Here is the previous beta -
    - And the previous stable -

    Note: If you are prompted for a different beta (4 digits at the end of 'Alpha&version' file/link name) or a different stable (single 0 at the end of 'Stable&version' file/link name) simply copy/paste the link to a new browser tab then edit the link to match the error shown before you hit the Enter key.

    - If you are having issues trying to uninstall HM3 even after downloading the proper file versions you can use this tool to uninstall it then reinstall using the latest link from our site or forums -
    - If you are unable to download the file from that page you can also download it from this link on our servers here -
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    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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