Upgrade or add on license costs
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    Default Upgrade or add on license costs

    So I bought small stakes Omaha back in Feb. I am now Trying to add Holdem.
    The add on costs are more than buying the license from scratch.

    Holdem small stakes 60. My cost to add 66.92
    Holdem all stakes 100. My cost to add 109.92

    Omaha all stakes 100.
    Omaha upgrade to all stakes 66.92 plus initial 60 - 126.92.

    Just wondering if this pricing is correct?? Looking at poker tracker add on and upgrade costs as a comparison it shouldnt cost more to add stuff on than buying the license.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you buy a HM3 small stakes license and want to upgrade to an all stakes license later you will have to pay the difference plus $10 extra for doing it in two transactions instead of all at once. There will also be a slight additional pro-rated fee for any remaining time on your Support & Maintenance (S/M) plan as the higher stakes licenses have a higher S/M plan fee.

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