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    Can you tell me, please, when you are going to put Auto Rate Rules in HM3 ?
    It was very useful in HM2 and I don't think this is difficult to add to HM3.
    It is been a few months you tell it is going to come to HM3 and nothing yet.
    Thanks to you.

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    I do not have an estimate for if/when this feature will be added. We do not give estimates until it has been confirmed as implemented/resolved by our testers and the release is imminent.

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    Thanks for your answer.
    I wonder why this had not be added a few months ago.
    It was one of the best things in HM2 and I am sure a lot of players want it quick.
    In HM3, you added some things not useful and you ddidn't add an useful thing like auto rate.
    This is incomprehensible. For me, it would be available very quick.
    Tell it to the developers, please. I already asked one year ago, lol.
    Thanks a lot.

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