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    All in Av adjusted for that hand is not showing up in reports as u can see at the bottom of screenshoot, that bug happen's every time when one of the players who is all in preflop is blocking rest of the players of making a raise, because of his stack and pot limit omaha rules ( in that case it's player with ID 33773 that block's the preflop action )
    it happend to me many times and I would like you to fix that because I can't track my EV results accurate.

    For example in that hand I lost about 5,5 BI in EV/bb100 reports - as you can see I had over 80% to win on the flop so I should have expected winnings for that hand around 800$, but because of a bad beat I've lost my initial stack of 362$ and report's of HM3 is showing that I put in all that money with 0 equity on the flop
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