I want to pay an Expert who helps me to get my Notecaddy Hud from HM2 to HM3
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    Default I want to pay an Expert who helps me to get my Notecaddy Hud from HM2 to HM3

    Hello :-)

    I tried to move my Hud with overall 2600 Notecaddy Definitions from HM2 to HM3 since some month,
    but I have issues, no Notecaddy Definitions are calculated and shown at all.
    I want to find an Expert who likes to help me, and pay his hourly and try to solve it :-)

    Thanks so much for your help :-) I hope we can solve it together :-)

    Please write me a PM, or add me on skype (andreasmuller13)

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    In order to help you getting through I will need some more information on what is going wrong.

    How did you import the definitons/HUD. Using the built in import options on HM3 or moving them to the notecaddy folder?

    If you check the notecaddy folder in : C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Max Value Software\Holdem Manager\3.0\AppsData\NoteCaddy\definitions - Are the definitions files in that folder?

    If the definitions dont show on the right column in Notecaddy they are not being detected. Could they be inactive by any chance?

    The way to import a HUD from HM2 to HM3 is the following:

    1. Delete the HUD you imported into HM3
    2. Import your Note Definitions that your HUD uses into the HM3 NoteCaddy, reset and process the notes
    3. Import the HUD again into HM3

    If you still cannot find the definitions or use your HUD after doing this, please open a support ticket using the "Send feedback" option, so we can get your logs and test out your definitions and HUD to better understand what is going wrong.

    Best wishes,


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