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    Hello, i have a couple of questions.

    1) Seek. Before i used notecaddy. - all ok with this function.
    Now i try to use / and Seek finds nothing for any definition. The "Searching" and "Stop Seek" options are all that I see on black screen.

    "Hand Processing" happens at about the speed of 10 hands in 20 seconds (thousands in second in 2.9.83), while the screen remains black, even with such a definition as VPIP% where literally every hand should give a success / opportunity.

    I don’t know why this function is constantly working and then failing in the next updates, but I would very much like this important function for creating and testing definitions to be repaired. How can I help to speed up this process?

    How can I enable automatic updates for NoteCaddy or via the "Check for Update" button in HM2? Now pressing it even on version 2.9.83 writes to me "Your Notecaddy is up to date".


    P.S - Having done Reset / Create Notes, I also realized that no notes are created. No one. Analyze also shows the absence of notes for any definitions. I tried to reset preferences by deleting all * .xml settings - didn't help.
    Ie only the "Test" function works. Seek and Notes Creation can't see hands?
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