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    I'm not going to get an IT degree myself to get support for software. I sent everything yesterday and if it isn't good enough oh well. I am done with Holdem Manager, Note Caddy and Range Wizard. Pokeit is only $5 per month for any stakes Holdem and their support is much, much, very much better. Take care.

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    My apologies. I bought HM3 back in January when poker first became legal in Michigan. I only played for a few days and then took a break for a while. I could swear that the Hero stats when I first started using it were not always starting a 1 hand whenever I sat down at a table. I thought at least that if I sat down at a particular table for a session then all my data from previous sessions at that particular table were being included in the Hero HUD stats.

    I just started playing again a couple of weeks ago and it just struck me that all the other players had hands from their previous sessions included in their HUD stats but that mine was always starting at 1 regardless of what game I was in even if I had played hands at that table before. I just figured that the HUD would show me generally the stats including previous sessions for the Hero since my opponents with HUDs had stats on me that includes previous sessions. I want to have an idea of what my opponents are thinking of me during a session and if my HUD hand count starts at 1 each game and my opponents with HUDs don't also see my hand count as 1 then I get no info on how they perceive me since they are getting information on me in their HUD with previous sessions played with me included.

    That all being said, if the Hero HUD stats are supposed to start at 1 hand each game, regardless of my past sessions at a particular table then there is still the issue of the HUD sometimes not updating the Hero hands and stats during that particular session and being stuck at 1 hand throughout the session. I sent screenshots and logs and hand histories and the response I got was that my pictures were too small and that my zip file was too big. If I remember right the zip file was around 7 mb or so.

    I signed up for a competitors tracking software with HUD and the HUD does not start the Hero hand count at 1 each session but includes the Hero stats from previous sessions at that table at least. And I like that better. I also contacted their support with questions and I didn't feel I needed an IT degree to get help from them and their communication and response times were better. I'm just worried the competitor won't be around for as long as I plan on continuing to play. Holdem Manager is more popular and seems to be the standard software. In any case I guess I will just stick with the competitor as my experience with them and their software has been better so far.

    But my apology again for not understanding that the Hero hand count on the HM3 HUD is supposed to start at 1 each and every game.

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