Activating heat maps
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    Default Activating heat maps

    I ask you to redo the principle of activating heat maps. In HM2, everything was done perfectly: there was a choice of either activation by mouse hover or click. Please do the same. I play twisters on iPoker for several tables. There are 15 seconds to make a decision, there is no timebank. Until you understand that you need to look at the heat map, until it opens after hovering the mouse (after 2-4 seconds), there is no time left for the analysis itself.
    Working offline (not in the game) with a heat map is also not convenient. After it opens, it can spontaneously close, which is extremely inconvenient. Another thing would be if you clicked on it to open it, and until the next click it is motionless. That would be perfect! Please do it.

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    Can you please take a screenshot or make a small video showing the behaviour your are describing? Also please let us know what are the heatmaps (notes) your using. I tested a few and there is different behaviour for some heatmaps. I found that preflop heat maps usally are click to close and we can drag them while post flop they behave like you suggested and I also agree there is possible work to be made there.

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