importing hm2 cloud database
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    Default importing hm2 cloud database


    i had to clean reinstall windows yesterday unfortunately. please tell me its possible to import my cloud database? i had not saved all my files for the reinstall.


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    I apologize for the delay in reply. I somehow missed this post until now.

    We actually intended to shut down the HM2 'HM Sync' server earlier this year but it is still up so you should be able to login to HM2 in the HM2 - Options - Settings - ' Website Login' then open the HM Sync - 'HM Sync Settings' menu and download the hands on the server to your new HM2 database. Please reply back here after that is done to let me know so I can have our developers finally shut that down since HM2 is no longer supported.

    p.s. I would also suggest you export all your hands after that so that you can have copies for later in case you ever need to import them to a new database, and you should also make sure to keep a copy of your C:\HM2Archive folder original hands in the future.

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    yep have been syncing it. cheers

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