Is there a way to access simple data generated by Notecaddy
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    Default Is there a way to access simple data generated by Notecaddy

    One of my Notecaddy Definitions called FoldToCbet_OOP has an average of 49, Total Opportunities 79951/ Total Instances 39485
    Can I get this Population Tendency data either with some A) Database queries, or with B) an API (Does Notecaddy have any API to query data?) ... or is there any other way to access this
    Data, so that I can use it in google sheets for analysing?

    Thank you so much for your help, Andreas

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    There isn't a simple way to access this currently. There's a table in NC's database (same folder as your normal hm3 database) called NoteCaddy_metrics which has a single row and column. This is essentially a CSV of all the aggregate data for every definition. The first token is a GUID which can be mapped to a definition's ID which can be found in the definition's xml file. If the definition is an n2d then I don't believe it's possible without a tool like dnspy.
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