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    Quote Originally Posted by J.M. View Post
    I copied/paste manually the old database.hmdb file (which is larger) of the previous database, to the flashdrive. I didn't make a .hmdbbackup file (which is smaller) using the tools ' back up database ' in the HM3 software on the previous computer. Can I only use the tools ' restore database ' for a backedup database made by using the tools ' back up database ' or can I also use the tools 'restore database ' for a manually copied/paste database .hmdb file, which wasn't made by the tools ' back up database '?

    And: Can I copy/paste the manually made .hmdb file of the previous database, from the usb flashdrive to my harddrive on the new computer and then ' open database ' in HM3 software and point to that file to restore it that way, without first creating a new database and without using the tools ' restore database ' in the HM3 software?

    Thanks in Advance !
    The Tools menu is used to backup a complete hmdb file to a compressed hmdbbackup file that can be restored back to a hmdb file on another PC. If you copied the original hmdb file to the flash drive then you want to simply copy it from the flash drive to your local drive and open it with the HM3 File menu options.

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    After I imported the old archive fom the usb flashdrive in my existing datase and after backing up my database using the tools ' back up database ', all (new) hands I play I can see in the HM3 software and in the Archive folder as usual. (Hud is also fine) But the weird part is, is that the size of my database folder isn't growing and stays the same! Then I created a new empty database and played some hands, then I backed it up using the tools 'backup database' and played some more hands and this new database folder size increases. What can be the explanation for the fact that my existing database folder size is staying the same?

    I just created another new empty database and now imported all the archive folders, when I now play new hands in that database, the database folder size still again doesn't increase and stays the same ( even when I import several hands from the archive and play new hands, the 'problem' exists), however the new played hands are still visible again in the HM3 software, HUD and the archived folder. What should I do? Is this/it a problem? Is there something (I do) wrong? Everything else is fine.

    And also just did a normal restore of my hmdbbackup file using the tools in the HM3 software. All fine, but when I again play new hands also this database folder size doesn't increase? Is this normal? If so/not, what's the cause/problem than? And what else can I do?
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    The database might not be increasing that much each day. Are the hands updating in the database?
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    < Solved >
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