Hide HUD of players who have folded
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    Default Hide HUD of players who have folded

    Is it possible to hide the hud of the players who have folded?

    I can't find the option.


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    There is no such feature as it would require live tracking (i.e screen scraping the actions in the chat box at each site) for us to track each players actions for every street. HM3 (and HM2) do not have any live tracking features. HM2 had them originally but we disabled the 'Live Tracking' feature required to power them many years ago as it was only working on Stars at the time and they no longer allow such a feature. We do have a feature request to add a 'Live Tracking' feature to HM3 to power a positional HUD. If that is eventually developed it could also allow for live pot odds, a 'line taken HUD stat', etc to be developed after that. There is no estimate for if/when this live tracking engine might be coded to power these types of features but I added your suggestion to that feature request ticket as a comment in case we ever do add live tracking.

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