HM3 wrong positions in full ring position reports.
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    Default HM3 wrong positions in full ring position reports.

    Hi, recently I've tried to look at my RFI stats by every position of 9max tables, so I used full ring position report. And I found out that if some players a missing on the table then hm3 puts these hands into a very different groups for unknown reason: for example on a 7max table when I'm on MP+1 hand can be put into a EP+1 position, or on 8max table when I'm on MP+1 a hand can be put into a MP position. If there's a way to make hm3 to tag players position from BB and lower, so there wouldn't be any mess like that?

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    We have a HM2 FAQ explaining how the Full Ring Position report works for different numbers of dealt players which should apply to HM3 as well. If that is not what you are seeing please send us a sample of hands with screenshots of the report/filters and a detailed description by hole cards of some of the issues with specific hands as instructed at the end of this FAQ.

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