Hero Hud not showing on replayer
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    Default Hero Hud not showing on replayer

    The subject pretty much explains it. I open the re-player and the hud shows up for everyone else but me. How can I investigate this issue? Tried exploring the functionality but did not have success.

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    Do you use that same HUD profile on live tables without issue or do you use a different profile on live tables vs the replayer? It sounds like your replayer HUD profile has the 'everyone but hero' option enabled in the HUD Editor. Below are the instructions for how to enable that option that you can follow but choose the 'Hero Only' option instead.

    Open the HUD - HUD Editor and choose the 'Profile:' you want to customize from the drop-down menu. Select the group = Default and under Group Properties - set the drop-down menu option to 'Everyone but hero' as shown in this image below. If your HUD has multiple 'Groups' you will want to repeat the process above for all of the other groups in the HUD.

    If you continue to have problems: Please create a support ticket via the 'Contact Support' link with a link to this thread and your forum username. Please reproduce the problem and attach a set of log files and a screenshot and detailed description of the issue in the support ticket you created.

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    That worked, thanks.

    I see another issue but I'll create another thread for that.

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