Tournament result for ACR are incorrect
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    Default Tournament result for ACR are incorrect


    I have played some tournies on ACR and uploaded into HM3. The hand histories seem fine, but the tournament results are very wrong, like the buy in for a $2750 tournament being recorded as $8464.57...

    Is this a known issue and if so is it likely to be fixed? Let me know if you want example hand histories.


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    While initial support was added for WPN tournament summaries these files are new and we are working with WPN to improve the amount of data available to HM3. For now you will need to manually edit the 'Total Buy-In Game' and 'Fee Game' stats via the Reports - Tournaments - Tournaments - right-click a tournament in the upper half the report grid - 'Edit' then edit as needed and click 'OK' to save the edits.

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