after I buy hm3 licence the licence it's forever free?
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    Default after I buy hm3 licence the licence it's forever free?

    If I bought any licence, I don't have to pay again to keep my paid license forever? Can I Permanently see hud on multiple tables not only 1 tables??
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    The initial purchase of HM3 includes the HM3 license and 1 year free of the Support & Maintenance (S/M) plan for your license. After 1 year you will need to renew your S/M plan if you want access to future HM3 updates for bug fixes, new features, etc. You can still use your HM3 license if you let the S/M expire, you just can't update HM3 beyond the installed version or else you switch to the 'Free' license when testing new versions of HM3 which will limit you to 1 table of micro stakes and 500 hands of data.

    All of our licensing and S/M pricing information can be found here.

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    How can i udpate my subsription? Cause it is said it's expired. And i have also 25$ to use in the store, can u somehow take it and make then a subscription cheaper? i dont know how to renew it.

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    This is in your account - subscriptions.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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