Hey, Im having lots of issues using hm3 now.

I play on winamax, so Im using the 7108. But its not working on winamax for me. Thats one thing.

Also the software crashes. Im killing the process and reopening several time per day. Sometimes it doesnt load the hands when I open it and doesnt work therefore to import live hands and show the hud.

Sometimes I go to the tournament tab and no hand are showed when I click in a tournament.

I cant point a single problem but the overall usage is very poor for me. It does work sometimes but cant trust it.

I tried creating a new database and load all the hands there, it took one night but it didnt get any better.

I tried coming back to last stable version but its not funcioning as well.

It may be something here on my end, but Ive been dealing with this software for a long time and usually theres a way to make it work properly