Stuck "Waiting for hands" at certain Zoom stakes
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    Default Stuck "Waiting for hands" at certain Zoom stakes

    At stakes of PL10 and above on Zoom the HUD does not work, but just says "waiting for hands...". At lower stakes zoom it works fine. I have two tables open at the same time... the PL5 table has perfect hud and stats, the PL10 table just says waiting...

    HHs are being saved correctly to the specified folder... I see the hand files from PL10 alongside the hands from PL5 etc. Everything looks equal.

    Hands are still being imported into HM2. I can see the HHs in my sessions tab and when I open them, the HUD and correct stats display just fine.

    Tablefinder offers no help... it'll bring up hud stats but they will be frozen from the point where I used tablefinder.

    I have tried using latest beta and official builds, restarting computer, opening HM2 before PS, checking the times in the HHs, checking the language, running everything as admin, turning off firewall, all that usual stuff.

    Thank you for any help.
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    As previously communicated in emails, alerts, and forum posts, there will be no future updates or support for HM2. PokerStars subsequently released an update that involved renaming and removing antes from Zoom tables for NL5-NL25 tables. This has resulted in the HUD not displaying on those tables for HM2 users. Because HM2 is no longer supported, we suggest that you upgrade to HM3.

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    Default Previous version?

    I know about stopping support, but I just want to play on nl10zoom for fun with tracker. For me the problem is the same, on nl5 HUD works fine but on nl10 doesnt. Maybe one of the previous version will be working.

    Do you remember which version to try before pokerstars change nl10? If you could please give link to that version.

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    It's not like you can roll back and fix an issue created by their update.

    HM2 support ended on Dec 31, 2020. I am happy to still assist you with this particular ticket but please be advised going forward that you will need to upgrade to HM3 for future technical support.

    Please click on the red/yellow flag icon in the HM2 status bar and check each error message. To solve each problem you will need to click on the blue question mark icon in the Alert Viewer window to be directed to the solution FAQ - -

    HM2 development ended on 31Dec2020 so we will not be updating the software any longer. Rolling back to previous versions of HM2 will not fix the HUD on these former tables. You can fix this yourself if you close PokerStars and HM2 then edit the C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\Roaming\Holdem Manager\config\PokerstarsZoomTables.xml file to remove the references to the antes. i.e. Change "Aludra (Ante)" to "Aludra". If you can't see it, turn off the windows option that is hiding that directory -

    Please see this post for a more detailed description -

    And translate it to your language -
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    We do have a manual workaround that I forgot to mention that used to work to get the HUD displayed on those tables but I am not 100% sure if this still works or not.

    Please close HM2, download this ZIP,
    and unzip (replace existing) it to this folder
    (instead of {Username} type Windows user name)

    If none of that helps there is nothing further we can do to help with HM2 unfortunately.

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