Some ipoker hands not importing
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    Default Some ipoker hands not importing

    It is very rare, I don't know if it's Ipoker's fault or HM3.
    Hand doesn't import, manual import returns error: "Warning: Big Blind not posted in hand#XXXXXX

    After reviewing the xml files, I found following mistakes in two lines:

    <action cards="" sum="0.20" no="2" type="2" player=""/>
    <action cards="" sum="0" no="8" type="0" player=""/>

    So, it sometimes leaves player nickname empty, then fails to import if that particular player is in the big blind.

    Nothing to worry about because it's only a few hands, but I'm letting you know.

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    If the original xml files are not written properly that is an issue on IPoker's end that you should notify them about.

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