Beyond Frustrated with lack of Resolution
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    Default Beyond Frustrated with lack of Resolution

    I have opened up a simple ticket because my micro stakes cash games are being lumped together, for the 100th time my $.10-.25 and $.05-.10 are both appearing as 0/0. Support has asked my to do 100 different things, which I have done like sending logs, etc.. and they keep saying things like "install the next patch" which I have done. My favorite laugher of a suggestion was that is was "culture" crap having to do with my language and is an issue with numbers!! I am so frustrated, I thought I would just scrap it and go to Poker Tracker, but you guys merged with them!!! frustrating. Please let me know which steps I should take for the 10th time without even acknowledging that you understand this simple issue.

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    If you are the same customer I am thinking of, we had you send us in some of your hands and logs but were not able to duplicate the issue with your hands even when we switched our culture/region settings to match yours so we sent you instructions to schedule a remote support session but you didn't reply with your availability to schedule the remote support session. I believe I offered you a remote support session again yesterday or the day before.

    Please 'Contact Support' here - - with a link to this thread and your forum username.

    Please let us know when you are available in GMT time for a Remote Support session -

    Please be aware that we schedule a couple days in advance and need to fit it into our schedules so you need to give us a few different day and time ranges to choose from.

    Please read this important information before our remote support session. We cannot do the remote support session until all those issues are addressed below first:
    1 - Make sure windows is fully updated until 'No New Important Updates are Found' (this may require multiple restarts and multiple 'check for updates').
    2 - Please make sure you have access to a good connection, we cannot provide support on really slow connections.

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