Fold vs 3-Bet Stat doesnt show
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    Default Fold vs 3-Bet Stat doesnt show


    I am looking at my Fold vs 3-bet stat when OOP, but it shows 0,00 (even when there are fold vs 3-bets in there)

    I created this filer
    OutOfPositionOnFlop=true and Position=(EarlyPosition,MiddlePosition,Cutoff) AND PreflopActionFacingPlayer=Unopened and FacingPreflopThreeBet=true

    How can I make sure the Fold vs 3-bet OOP is showing the correct stat?

    Basically I RFI, My Opponent IP 3-bets and I want to see my respond vs 3-bet.



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    I am in the middle of live play testing a reported HUD bug on Ignition MTTs so I can't test this but try this filter instead:

    Position=(EarlyPosition,MiddlePosition,Cutoff) AND PreflopActionFacingPlayer=Unopened and FacingPreflopThreeBetOutOfPosition=true

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