velox problems on people's poker
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    Default velox problems on people's poker

    hi i have encountered many problems with velox on people:
    -net won wrong, import it as gross win multiplied by 100
    -therefore ev chip, net bb and all related stats are wrong.
    - the prize pool is wrong. the payout is always 6 euros
    - the final position turns out to be 0 several times.
    The hud works if only one table is open, as soon as you open the second table it disappears or jumps from one table to another. in the live play section it imports all hands correctly but as if they came from one table instead of many. There are other various bugs that make the program totally unusable for this platform even if full compatibility was guaranteed. I hope everything will be resolved soon.
    my country is italy and the software version used is

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    The multiplied by 100 issue is a known issue in the latest beta so you should roll back to the previous stable version from this link to resolve that issue.

    People's poker has a number of known issues due to limitations in their hand history files and table header/names, lack of tournament summary files, etc. Please report any issues you are having with the 'Send Feedback' system and we can forward your logs/configs to our QA/Testing Manager to see if there is anything we can do to try and resolve each issue.

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