Raise flop cbet OOP AND check raise vs flop cbet raised pot OOP
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    Default Raise flop cbet OOP AND check raise vs flop cbet raised pot OOP

    Hello again!
    I have a doubt about two stats:

    RaiseFlopCBetOOP - "Percent of time player check-raises OOP when facing a CB on the flop"

    CheckRaiseVsFlopCbetRaisedPotOOP - "Percent of time player raises on flop out of position after checking and facing a continuation bet in single raised pot"

    By the logic, i think first one could be a multiway pot, like MP open, CO flat, BB call, then BB check, MP cbet, CO could call or fold and BB raise... basically its when in multiwaypot.
    The other stat say "...single raised pot..."

    when i put in the hud and compare both, they have numbers close each others, so i think that both stats are pretty similar.

    But the second is the most accurate for blinds x/r in single raise pots, right?
    The first implies always a multiway pot, right?

    Thanks in advance

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    Both stats should be the same, HU or Multi-Way pots, only difference being the 2nd one is for pots with single raise preflop, so no 3bet, 4bet+ pots.

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