Stable update to version is now available!

Latest stable build can be downloaded using auto-update in HM3 or through the website.

Full release notes available here.

  • Allow filtering by time for tournaments when Start occurred on previous day
  • Allow resizing of filter editor pages and improved the fit of the content
  • Increased clickable area in filter editor for filters that are in a list
  • Resolved an error that occurred when typing in certain expressions

  • Added a setting for session timeouts
  • Added language selector to the top toolbar
  • Graph will now ignore play money results when mixed with real money hands for All-In Adj line
  • Improved handling of consecutive sessions to split them more accurately and avoid overlap
  • Improved HM3 startup to be more reliable on very slow internet connections
  • Improved light theme colors for HM3 alerts tool tip
  • Improved progress bar UI updates when exporting hands
  • Prevent an error when editing Start of the day setting
  • Prevent an error when VC++ dependency version cannot be detected
  • Prevent feature logging warning from showing on first startup
  • Prevent opening databases from Program files folder to prevent loss of data during installation of updates
  • Resolved an issue where startup wizard would show on restart after restoring database backup
  • Resolved an issue with startup wizard not working for new installations using beta version
  • Updated translations for all languages
  • Prevent launching HM3 with a database saved in Program files \ HM3 folder

Graphical HUD
  • Ring and Stat lines option will now not reset when new player joins

Hand viewer
  • Added initial support for run it three times hand histories
  • Added dark theme for Hand viewer and Player note window title bar

  • Allow HUD popups to be moved by window managers
  • Resolved an issue where HUD would encounter an error when editing notes occasionally
  • Resolved an issue where tool tip in popup would not appear until slightly moving the mouse cursor
  • Seats in HUD options will now correctly save in non-English interface when configuring profiles

  • Prevent an error when import directory cannot be found

  • Improved popup loading performance for very big HUD profiles with NoteCaddy notes
  • Notes and graphs in HUD will now display more reliably in popups without having to reopen them

  • Added an option to filter out heroes from the opponents list
  • Improved layout for Single Opponent analysis to avoid scrolling to see the hands grid
  • Opponents list filters will now be remembered through restart
  • Resolved an issue where opponents Select player button would not appear After canceling player selection dialog
  • Updated dark theme colors for opponents filter bar to match reports

Poker Sites
  • Added auto import support for COP site
  • Added auto import support for Pokio site
  • Added auto import support for X-Poker site
  • 888Poker - Read tournament buy-in and add-on cost from summary file
  • 888Poker - Updated Snap HUD support
  • Ipoker - Added support for progressive bounty tournaments
  • Ipoker - Added support for Swiss Casinos Poker
  • Merge - Resolved an issue where hands with repeated results would cause an error
  • Partypoker - Resolved an issue where client could crash if fast forward support was enabled
  • PokerBros - Prevent import of unsupported 5 card games
  • PokerStars - Added 8-Max Fifty Fifty tournament detection support
  • PokerStars - Added fast fold support for renamed Delta Bootis table
  • PokerStars - Improved satellite ticket tournament detection
  • PokerStars - Improved Spin&Go Max tournament detection
  • PokerStars - Resolved an issue where bounties would sometimes display too high value
  • PokerStars.IN - Added free roll tournament support for winnings in INR
  • Pokerstars.IT - Added HUD support for updated Zoom table window titles
  • Pokerstars.MI - Added support for Pokerstars US Michigan
  • Run It Once - Added tournament summaries support
  • Winamax - Added bounty detection for tournaments
  • Winamax - Added bounty tournament detection for tournaments listed on Winamax website
  • Winamax - Added import support for Omaha Hi/Lo hand history format
  • WPN - Added Jackpot tournament detection support
  • WPN - Added Run It Twice support
  • WPN - Hand histories and summaries will now be archived to Winning Poker Network sub folder in HM3 archive
  • WPN - Resolved an import issue when two players with names starting the same are involved in the hand
  • WPN - Resolved an import issue with tournament hands after client update
  • WPN - Resolved an issue with HUD support for $1.00/$0.50 Blitz games

  • Resolved an issue where replayer could close unexpectedly when replaying a lot of hands

Situational Views
  • Prevent view from jumping to situational views when marking hands in other views

  • Removed duplicate 3Bet IP stat that was not working
  • Resolved an issue where reports and stats wouldn't work correctly for a player with special characters
  • Resolved an issue with some stats not working under Turkish Windows culture setting

  • General improvements for Add-on,Re-buy and Bounty detection
  • Improved All-In adjusted calculations for 3-way hands where third player folds and shows the hand
  • Resolved an error when editing Entrants for a tournament without entering Seats
  • Resolved reported error that occurred when currency in tournament editor was empty