Pokerking tournie HUD not displaying
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    Default Pokerking tournie HUD not displaying

    Hi there,

    My Pokerking(WPN) tourny HUD is not displaying whilst other sites are working, what can I do to fix this?

    I was trying to get this working on HM2 since I'm still using it.

    However I imported my database into HM3 and notice that the Pokerking hands have been imported. Hopefully this gives more useful info about getting the HUD to work with HM2.

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    As previously communicated in emails, alerts, and forum posts, there will be no future updates or support for HM2. WPN subsequently released an update that changed the hand history format of tournament tables. This has resulted in the hands not importing and the HUD not displaying on those tables for HM2 users. Because HM2 is no longer supported, we suggest that you upgrade to HM3 which has a fix for this in our latest HM3 version.

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