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    Default Notecaddy stats not working on

    Hello again!

    My hud not showing any notecaddy stats . They appear like "-" . This just happens on . In another sites it works well.
    I use the test environment feature to try to see what is the error in one particular stat. I suspect he is not reading well the hand histories cause maybe they are in € format.

    As you can see in the image below , he is not calculating well the stacksizes.

    The stat is filtering for stacksizes >10 bbs and excluding allin's preflop

    Player Fitiii43 have arround 50bbs (€11,40) it gives this error :

    limpvsraise: Action: fitiii43: Call (OpenLimp) 20 did not meet all of limpvsraise's required criteria (stack size too small) as defined in PreFlop action sequence: limp net: -5,00 bb

    Player evricrosept has 100 bbs (€20,10) and gives this error:

    Open Shove(111,11% pot. Ratio to last bet/raise: 0,00 amount in big blinds: 5)

    when the real action was a raise for €0,90
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