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    Default Chico seat issues

    Hello. I have Advanced Chico Converter and have output format for 888. I know i can choose MaxValue and import Chico to site settings in HM3. If i choose this option, hud will count new hands from 0 on all players so i need to stay with 888 format. Chico now dont offer auto center option. But i can sit to bottom place everytime i join the table (i need to click sit it here). Everything is ok except HUD placement. It shows wrong stats so i need to move to different position (random) on every table to show the stats correct for players. I have my seat - none (use hand history seat). When i try to use autocenter or specific seat it doesnt show the HUD for all players, seems like only for 4 players..Can i somehow fix it and still use the 888 format and can seat at bottom down place on chico?

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    The issues with the HUD placement when using the 888 format is because the HUD is designed for 888 poker layouts so there is nothing we can do on our end for these issues. Please try using the Chico format and if you still have HUD positioning issues please send us screenshots of the preferred seating settings in the client and HM3 along with screenshots of the tables, your logs and hand history files from a short session as instructed at the end of this FAQ. You will need to contact the support team for the hand converter and ask them if they have any type of way to convert your old 888 format hands to the Chico format so you could import those to a new HM3 database to get the lifetime data on opponents into the same format.

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