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    Default Tournaments Hands from gg


    I download tournaments hands from pokercraft, gg network. trying to review it, but not working in hm2 and importing and i cant see any result in hm3(trial). Please help

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    HM2 does not support importing of GG Poker network hands but HM3 does and you should be able to see them in the reports if you open the Select Player... menu and choose your 'Hero' screen name. The hands are anonymous so it won't show your actual screen name.

    If you want to see the villains in the select player menu and reports:

    You have to toggle on the HM3 - Tools - Settings - General - [x] 'Show anonymous players in reports' option as shown in the attached/linked images below.

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    The problem was omaha manager not started trial(golden was started)

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    Did you add the trial? I cannot find any licenses on the email you registered here.

    If you have trouble:

    Please 'Contact Support' here - - with a link to this thread and your forum username.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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