Notecaddy Stat showing as 4 digits not 2 digits in my HUD
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    Default Notecaddy Stat showing as 4 digits not 2 digits in my HUD

    I use the stat NC.HM.BetRiverW$SD from the Notecaddy Edge Package and it has suddenly started displaying as 4 digits rather than 2. So for example it would previously show as 77 for 77% whereas now it is showing as 77.49. I have selected the option "always use 2 digits" in the Hud Options Config menu but it has not solved the problem. How can i display this stat using 2 digits?

    Wow i have just realised that this is happening to other stats too both in popups and in my HUD. Why is there an issue with every single update of this program?
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