HM3 keeps crashing my poker site
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    Default HM3 keeps crashing my poker site

    Hi, I'm trying to get HM3 up and running, but 100% of the time I open it with Party Poker NJ or Borgata NJ running, the poker client crashes within a few seconds.
    Is this a known issue?
    Thank you.

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    Yes, it is a known issue. This issue has been documented in detail and provided to the developers to resolve. These changes should be available in the next gold beta release. *While we do not have an exact date for the release, you will receive a prompt to update once available as long as you have enabled the Tools - Settings - General - [x] 'Check for Updates' and [x] 'Prompt for beta updates' options. You can check for new updates via the HM3 - Help - 'Check for updates...' option. You can also check for updates in our HM3 Releases forum here -

    For now you should be able to avoid the issue if you disable the HM3 - Tools - Site Settings... - Party Poker - Optional Settings - [ ] 'Enable fast poker HUD support' option and OK/Save those changes.

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