HUD not showing up, everything else works perfectly
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    Default HUD not showing up, everything else works perfectly

    Hi guys,

    I'm having some trouble setting up HM2 with the new poker site ( in Switzerland. It is unfortunately illegal for us now to use Pokerstars or any other site that is not Swiss, which is why I had to switch. Anyway I think the client is somehow based on iPoker or similar. So far I got basically everything to work perfectly. I can see all the hands, reports, sessions and can even see all the open tables through the table finder. The only thing that is not working is, that the HUD is not showing up automatically on each table on startup. I have to manually drag the stats from the table finder on to each table. When that's done, everything works perfectly. However there has to be a way to make the HUD shop up right away with the need to manually drag them in right..?

    I tried a fair bit of troubleshooting, but couldn't seem to fix the issue.

    I had the setup before on Pokerstars where everything worked perfectly aswell, so I wouldn't call myself a new user. But yea this new shitty client doesn't want to play ball. Any help is appreciated...

    Thanks in advance

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    Most likely, it won't work on HM2. We have stopped supporting HM2 after 2020.

    Please update to this version

    The automatic Site Time Adjustment will read from the site's server. If you adjust the lobby clock settings, on some sites, it could cause the Time column for the hands in the Reports to be off.

    To verify, please compare the time in the Active Sessions, or Reports' hands section to your computer clock while playing.

    See this FAQ for the adjustment steps if there is a difference -

    Please see this FAQ on how to use table finder for non 'fast-fold' tables -
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    As previously communicated in emails, alerts, and forum posts, there will be no future updates or support for HM2. IPoker subsequently released an update that has resulted in the HUD not displaying for HM2 users. Because HM2 is no longer supported, we suggest that you upgrade to HM3 to use a HUD on those tables.

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