Notecaddy stats don't always appear in HM3 HUD. Missing stats seem to be random and for random players (except for 3-3 player partition they are almost all empty).

I did a lot of testing and didn't find any pattern except this one thing. When I import single tournament after tournament the stats work. When I import two or more tournaments at once, some stats go missing.

I am attaching 2 tournament histories and a dummy HUD for you to test. I have one DB with those tournaments imported separately one by one where the stat in the dummy HUD works, and another DB with tournaments were imported both at once where the dummy HUD shows - instead of stat. See if you can replicate this and find what's going on. As a reference I started importing from the newer tournament first and used Td2c hand 223293687047 in tournament 3116850617. You can see more easily in the screenshots attached too.

By the way, this also happens on PT4 and HM2 with the new NC version. HM2 with old version works correctly.