Hey NCEdge!
HM 9.82 for obvious reasons

Since I am currently playing Hold'em and Omaha tables at the same time, I suddenly ran into the problem that I cannot work properly with definitions intended for Omaha, since Seek perceives Omaha hands as hold'em hands. Testing definitions for Omaha is almost impossible without this tool.

For example, I created a test base with only Omaha hands, and am trying to test the definition for Omaha. Def. game type (I specifically chose all types except NL Holdem):

Seek show nothing.

Then i change to:


If this problem has not been fixed in the latest versions after 9.82, then I must say that it makes it impossible to test the definitions in the "Game Type" which are Omaha.
Of course, I can "cheat" by placing NL Hold'em as "Game type" when testing Definition - but not when the base consists of a mixture of Hold'em and Omaha hands, because Seek will show Holdem hands.
Quite a serious problem.